Watch and Brand News Alert Emails for Pre-Owned Watches

With over 500 pre-owned watches available in our inventory at any given time, some watches may still disappear before you have a chance to Make an Offer. We’ve recently launched email alerts for pre-owned watches.  You have the ability to set up your alerts based on Models, Brands or by a general Daily Newsletter to alert you on the most recent additions.  With these alerts, you’ll be the first to know about our growing pre-owned watch inventory!

Don’t forget that we’re an authorized dealer of 50 brands for new watches and have access to their full collections.  If you are interested in new models, contact our Concierge team.

These alerts are also able to be set up on the Govberg OnTime app on your iPhone or Android device by activating the same alerts and enabing push notifications. Read how to manage the Govberg OnTime App Notifications to set up these alerts for your phone.

Email Alerts

Email Alert

To sign up for an alert, just select Create Email Alert. You’ll find this button on the pre-owned watch page in addition to the brand page.  This works for both in-stock items and previous items we’ve had in our inventory.  If you’re logged into your account, you’ll be automatically added to the email list.

If you do not have an account, or are not signed in, you’ll be asked to fill out your best contact information. If you aren’t signed into your account, you’ll be prompted to sign in when you enter your email address.

Once you’re signed up for the alerts, access your new account page with the password found in the welcome email.  When you sign in to your account page, you’ll have the option to sign up for brand specific emails in addition to the model specific emails.  You will receive an email for both types of alerts.  Be sure to check your spam folder if you are creating a new account and haven’t previously received emails from us.

For new accounts, you’ll also be included in our Weekly Pre-Owned newsletter, sent every Thursday, and in our company newsletter where we sent 1-2 emails per month alerting you of special events, offers, or brand announcements. You can edit these options in your accounts page after receiving your account creation email which includes a password for logging in.

Email Alert Sign up

Model Emails

When you sign up for specific models, from their listing page or if you add them from your account page, you’ll receive an email every time we add that model.  If you’re interested in Rolex Datejust, every time we add any Datejust to our inventory, you’ll immediately get an email. This is the same if you’re interested in Patek Philippe Calatravas, Omega Speedmasters, or any other model.

These are immediately sent when your specific model is added.  On rare occasions we add multiple of the same model in a day, you will receive an alert for each.

Brand Emails

Set up from your account page, you can be alerted any time we add any specific brand to our inventory.  You will also have the option to add in any model associated with the brand, but it is not required.

These are sent daily at 3pm and include all models for your specific brand.

Daily Alert Newsletter

The Daily Alert Newsletter is also set up from your account page.  This is a daily recap of all the watches that were added to our online inventory for the last 24-hours.  If you have specific brand emails set up, you will only receive this email, but if you have specific models selected, you will receive both.

This is sent daily at 3pm and includes watches posted from all models and will be sent instead of any selected Brand emails. If you have specific models, you will still receive alerts immediately when they’re added.

Adding Brands to Alert Emails

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