The Life of a Collector Blue Dial Watches: A Versatile Timepiece

This year at both SIHH and Baselworld, the watch world saw a common theme across different brands: blue dials. Did the blue ever actually leave or are we all just noticing it more this year? A blue dial is quite versatile being a primary color. On a color wheel, the complementary color to blue is orange while green and purple are analogous.

Popular blue watches

What does this mean for you? That blue dials are actually going to be very easy to wear with most of your wardrobe.

Blue Dials For Daily Wear

A blue dial will add contrast on your wrist against a yellow gold case or silver case, whether platinum, white gold or stainless steel. A blue dial doesn’t limit you in the same way a black dial would. Black on brown straps or against brown clothes is considered a fashion faux pas. The blue opens up this style option and looks stunning on brown straps and with brown jackets. A blue time only or minimally complicated watch will be just as dress appropriate as a black or silver/white dial will be.

Wearing a blue dial watch

A good strong blue will not only add a pop of color on your wrist, it will also show an incredible amount of depth when the light hits it, almost creating something new all together.

Straps and Bracelets

The blue, as we mentioned, works with almost every color on the wheel. You’ll have the ability to wear the watch on a silver, yellow or rose gold bracelet depending on the case material. If you prefer rubber, leather or fabric straps over a bracelet have no fear.

Many blue dial watches come on a matching blue strap creating a monochromatic look. If you wanted to create new look with the same watch, changing out the strap for a different color is a fresh way to add a new look.

A blue dial watch looks great on many color straps, whether leather, fabric or rubber and almost every variation of these colors:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Maroon
  • Orange
  • Blue

Different Materials with a blue dial

We would recommend staying away from the other primary colors, red and yellow while greens are a color to be weary of switching onto. Depending on the shade or brightness of the green and the style of the watch, it may be overpowering and not create a cohesive look.

With that being said, a sporty watch like a Deep Sea “James Cameron” or an Omega Skywalker X-33 would look great on a green or combination green and blue strap.

Formal Blue Dial Watches

A blue watch doesn’t have to just be considered sporty or casual. For black tie, or formal, events where you decide to wear a watch, people typically lean towards a black dial watch featuring a time only function or a less complicated watch over a sports watch. A general rule of thumb when selecting a watch for an evening event is to match the dial color to the time of the day.

Models with a deep blue dial, versus a bright or light blue, will make for a more formal watch, especially when paired on a matching leather strap. The blue dial Omega Globemaster on navy blue strap, introduced in 2015, is both a classic design and perfect for formal situations. Even with the date window at 6 o’clock, it is discrete enough where it doesn’t take away from the style. Going in a complete opposite direction, while staying staying on the formal side is the Patek Philippe 5200 Gondolo 8 days.

This rectangular Patek Philippe may seem like an unlikely candidate for a blue dress watch yet it works quite well. The watch is white gold, and while it does feature both a power reserve indicator and day, date and sub-seconds, it is a classic Art Deco design which also features a matching navy strap.

Dial Depth

Blue dials have the ability to capture light in a way many other dials can’t always achieve, especially when on your wrist traveling through different environments. The 2016 Vacheron Constantin Overseas with the blue dial can transform from one watch to another from natural sunlight to in door lights and from different time of days.

Different dial finishes can also effect the way a dial will look. The Panerai Luminor 1950 PAM 688 has a sun-brushed dial creates areas of lighter blue and dark navy when it reflects the light.

As you can see, a blue watch can be both sporty and formal. Pairing blue with the right tones and accessories can completely change the look of a simple watch and it has the ability to work in a way black or white dials can’t. What are some of your favorite blue dial models? What is your favorite part about the dial color?

About Emily Smith
Emily loves the history of watches and loves learning how they work. She prefers Rolex and Omega watches but is learning the history behind other brands. She is excited to learn about new models and build her collection.

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