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The Life of a Collector

Why do people collect watches? Learn about the different aspects of becoming a watch connoisseur and watches everyone should own.

How to Buy Your Second Watch

You've bought your first watch, congratulations! But how do you decide what your next watch should be, and where do you go from there?...
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Couples Watches: Ultimate His and Hers

If you're not one for sharing watches with your significant other out of fear of them wearing it forever, have no fear. There are many watches that compelement eachother for men and women. ...
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Watch Insurance 101

You just purchased your favorite watch…now what? Not only do you need to know how to use it and how to care for it, but you also need to know how to protect your watch investment in case anything unfo...
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Vacation Watches To Double Your Wear

When you're traveling, and are a watch enthusiast (nut, lover, aficionado....) choosing the right watch or two for your trip can be quite daunting...
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Watches Spotted in Movies

Now that I work in the watch industry, it’s fun to notice watches in different places where I didn’t notice them before, including watches in movies....
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Charitable Watches

Watch manufactures don't only sponsor events, athletes or actors, they also use their unique position to bring awareness to environmental issues, medical research and other foundations. ...
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Caring for Your Watch With a Rubber Eraser

Rubber pencil erasers have several useful applications for owners of luxury watches. They can help clean up acrylic and ceramic blemishes. ...
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