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Watch Education

Learn the ins and outs of all watches. Starting with the most basic education about watch parts, and moving you into detailed descriptions of how watches work.

8 Things You Didn't Know About F.P. Journe

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things we all know about the now-legendary Francois Paul Journe. Though he started building pocket watches in the ‘80s...
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How to Read and Use a Tachymeter

A tachymeter on the bezel of a watch measures the speed based on time traveled over a fixed distance. The allows the conversion of elapsed time...
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Daylight Saving Time: Tips and Facts

Starting every March and ending in November, we set our clocks forward and hour and back again....
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What is a Rattrapante Chronograph?

A common watch function, particularly found on a sports watch, is the chronograph; but what is a rattrapante chronograph? ...
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Watch Wearing; No Matter the Weather

During periods of hot or cold weather, collectors often seek to add or reduce the effective length of a bracelet for watches so equipped....
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Traveling Watchmaking With HSNY

Saturday, February 18th, Philadelphia hosted two of the Horological Society of New York's traveling education classes. The HSNY is the oldest watchmaking guild in the United States...
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Focus on Frequency

Frequency is one of several factors that help to predispose a watch towards a certain level of precision. In general, a higher frequency can improve the potential precision...
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