Watch Education

Learn the ins and outs of all watches. Starting with the most basic education about watch parts, and moving you into detailed descriptions of how watches work.

How To Clean Leather and Rubber Watch Straps

Just as it is important to maintain metal bracelets on your watch, you should continue to maintain your leather and rubber straps to help extend the life....
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How to Clean Your Watch: Metal Bracelets

With the change of seasons and temperature, it is important to remember to keep your watch clean and maintained. Metal bracelets can hold dust and dirt between the links and buckle. ...
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Spotting A Fake Watch

What do I look for when trying to determine if a watch is authentic or not? Quite a few things to be honest, but some clues are much more apparent than others....
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Water Resistance Guide

Most watches are considered water resistant, meaning that they will withstand some splashes or rain. Water resistant does not mean that you should go swimming with the watch on....
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Calendar Complications

Calendars are perhaps the most common variety of complication. From basic day-date functions to complex annual calendars and more. ...
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Chronograph Movements

The term “chronograph” comes from the Greek words “chronos” and “graph” and literally translates to “time writer.” Today, we commonly associate chronographs to stopwatches....
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Introduction to Off Market Watches

Learn the difference between buying a gray market watch vs buying from an authorized retailer and what it means for your watch servicing....
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