Watch and Brand News Celebrate The World Cup with Hublot

While England was playing Germany for the third place spot this weekend at the Women’s World Cup Finals in Canada, Hublot was standing by keeping time.  Hublot was also there when the United States Women’s National team beat Japan in a landslide 5-2, watching them take home their third Women’s World Cup Trophy.

Hublot’s Role

For the second year, the first being the Men’s World Cup games in 2014, Hublot is proud to be the official timekeeper of the games.  They also released a limited edition World Cup Brazil 2014 watch in honor of their first World Cup Partnership last year.  The Hublot referee board is distinct in design and received a few upgrades to improve the overall functionality of the board while still maintaining the roots in watchmaking.

The Design

The new design of the time board features easier to grab grips and polished aesthetics to keep it attractive yet practical.  The board is also strictly measured in weight to avoid any strain on the referees while they hold it.  The overall design also mimics a typical Hublot wristwatch.  The board was used by the fourth referee to display substitutions and any additional time added for the officials, spectators in the crowd and people tuning in on television to watch the event.

The United States Women’s National team went on to win the world cup in an exciting game against Japan.  The final score was 5-2.  Hublot is proud to sponsor the Women’s World Cup as their women’s line is ever growing and women’s soccer is gaining more popularity.

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