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Authorized Dealer

Authorized Dealer of Luxury WatchesFor nearly 100 years, Govberg Jewelers has been providing top quality wristwatches and jewelry to discerning customers around the world.  Govberg has the honor of  representing over 40 brands as an Authorized Dealer.  In order to be an authorized dealer, Govberg staff has been extensively trained on each of the brands we represent and we have agreed to uphold the values of the brands we represent.  We extend this philosophy beyond the new watches we sell to include our selection of certified pre-owned timepieces. Our team of highly trained Swiss watchmakers inspect pre-owned watches as they come in for condition and authenticity.  When servicing watches, they also look at past repairs and servicing to make sure they are working on genuine pieces.  Our collection of new and pre-owned watches represents one of the largest and most well-maintained selections of Swiss timepieces in the world.  Whether you are looking for new or pre-owned watches, stop by one of our Philadelphia locations or call a Govberg Concierge.

Product Availability

By having the benefit of being an authorized dealer of over 40 brands we have strong relationships with the brands.  If you’re looking for new watches, each of our stores carry a wide selection of brands.  Beyond the assortment available in our stores, we have access to any new watch in each brand’s catalog and can deliver most pieces within a few short days.  Our team is constantly searching for pre-owned watches to add to our collection.  These can come from estate sales or even people trading in their old watch for something different.  You can also trust that our team inspects these watches to ensure they are authentic and well maintained.

Concierge Service

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We are proud to say that we offer an unparalleled Concierge Service.  If you are not located in the Philadelphia area, (or near our soon to open store in the Cleveland area), our Concierge team can help you find the right watch or piece of jewelry from your home.  Our concierge team is also devoted to buying pre-owned timepieces and can quickly provide you with a free quote if you are interested in selling or trading in.  Let our Concierge team do all the work for you, and find you the perfect watch to start, or add to, your collection.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Govberg

  1. Watches are our thing. For almost 100 years, we have been living and breathing horology.
  2. We’re a still a family owned business. No matter where you are, we’ll treat you like family.
  3. We’re always available by phone during business hours. You’ll be speaking with a highly trained watch enthusiast.
  4. We offer all servicing you may need. Whether you are looking for a new or pre-owned watch, authorized watch repair or want to trade in a watch for a new one, we can help.
  5. All of our pre-owned watches come with a 15-month Govberg Warranty.
  6. We offer a fair and reasonable return policy.
  7. We’re always buying new pre-owned watches so check back often or sign up or adjust your email subscription preferences, for our weekly pre-owned hot-list!
  8. We thoroughly inspect watches before they go into your possession and we treat every watch with care. Our rate of repeat customers is a testament to the Govberg experience.
  9. We have become personal friends with many of our customers who trust us for multiple watch needs.
  10. We respect your privacy, your email address will never be shared. Our standard newsletter only goes out a few times per month.

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About Emily Smith
Newbie to watches but a quick learner. She loves the history of watches and loves learning how they work. She prefers Rolex and Omega watches but is learning the history behind other brands. Her watch of choice right now is her vintage Omega Ladymatic that is a mere 19mm. She has her eye on a few others including the Plum dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm and a Patek Twenty ~4 (4910/10 A011). While she enjoys the look of vintage watches, she is excited to learn about new models and build her collection.