The Life of a Collector Watch Collection Building with Brian Govberg

Before You Start Your Watch Collecting

You made the decision to buy a watch, but in reality you want 12 different watches..or maybe more. Occasionally it is love at first sight – you see the watch and the decision is made before even reaching your wrist. Other times, narrowing the selection takes a bit more thought. Consider your lifestyle, wardrobe, budget and whether the watch in question intrigues you.

Representing Govberg Jewelers’ fourth generation, Brian Govberg regularly guides clients from casual observer to engaged collector. Here he shares ten questions to ask yourself when considering your next watch purchase.

Collecting Watches

10 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are you going to be wearing this everyday, for sport or for formal occasions?
  2. What other pieces do you have in your collection?
  3. Do you have a set budget or price range in mind?
  4. Do you want a large or a modestly sized watch case?
    1. Modest for today’s gentleman is 36-40mm, for a woman 28-34mm. A large case size is generally 42mm+ for a man, and 36+ for a lady.
  5. Automatic, manual wind or quartz? Are you excited by the traditional mechanical experience, or do you prefer to set the watch and not have to worry about it?
  6. Do you have a preference on strap or bracelet?
  7. Do you have a preference on case material?
    1. For ladies, this is sometimes helpful when matching with your everyday or special occasion jewelry.
  8. Do you want a model with a sapphire caseback to observe the movement within?
  9. Do you have a dial color preference?
  10. Are you open to vintage or pre-owned pieces, or do you want to only look at new timepieces?
About Brian Govberg
Brian Govberg, the great-grandson of Albert Govberg, is the fourth generation representing Govberg Jewelers. He works alongside his father, Danny Govberg, to successfully run all aspects of the business. Brian enjoys talking watches with collectors from all around the world and helping build collections of enthusiasts.

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