Watch and Brand News Danny Govberg Reddit AMA – September 16th

We’re happy to announce that on Wednesday, September 16th, Danny Govberg will be participating in his first ever Reddit AMA in the /r/Watches Subreddit community. Get your watch questions ready!

Update: The comments are open! Danny is live responding to questions!

Who Is Danny Govberg

Danny Govberg is the third generation owner of Govberg Jewelers, working alongside his sons Brian and Marc.  Danny started working when he was thirteen, and ever since that moment he knew he wanted to be in the jewelry business.  Since taking over the business, he introduced Govberg Watch Repair, an online watch repair platform in 2010 which has grown to service over 1,000 watches a month and has a physical location on Philadelphia’s Jewelers Row.  Danny is also the president of iW Magazine, a luxury watch magazine that has been in publication for 25 years.

After introducing watches to the company, known for luxury jewelry, Govberg has become a global business. Over the past few years, Danny has introduced even more aspects to Govberg Jewelers. This includes the Online Concierge department that handles all of the pre owned watches. At any given time, there are over 250 pre owned watches on our website. Here, you can also sell or trade in your pre owned watch you no longer wear.

Danny Govberg

To help keep watches at your finger tips, Danny has also been a driving force behind building the Govberg OnTime app, previously the Buy My Watch App. Today, this app is available for both iOS and Android systems. Govberg OnTime features a news aggregator of your favorite blogs, a watch box to store your watches on your phone, a section to sell your watch from your phone and even an option to shop!

Govberg Jewelers has grown to encompass three watch stores in Philadelphia and neighboring town of Ardmore.  Govberg Watch Repair is also located in Philadelphia and globally online.  Most recently Govberg opened a fourth retail location located in Moreland Hills, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.

What Is An AMA

A Reddit Ask Me Anything, or AMA, is a thread of questions asked by the Reddit community.  Here, the casual Reddit user or watch fan, in this instance, can participate and ask questions. It is exciting to see how quickly the questions and responses come in and the conversations that can form from one question leading to others.  People from all types of backgrounds have hosted an AMA, including President Obama, Bill Gates, astronauts in space and actor Gerard Butler.

This AMA is open to both current members of the Reddit /r/Watches community and those who are not yet a part.  Be sure to join the community to Ask Danny Anything!

Reddit AMA

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