Watch and Brand News Edouard Bovet Tourbillon – SIHH 2018

Unveiled in Geneva today before the fanfare of SIHH officially commences is the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon. The watch is a 10-day Triple Time Zone Flying Tourbillon with Hemispherical Earth Maps and Reversed Hand-Fitting. The three timezones make this the perfect travelers’ watch!

Edouard Bovet Tourbillon 3 Times Patented

In 2015, Bovet watchmakers revisited the flying tourbillon in collecctions. From there, this movement has been fully redesigned and is original. The Tourbillon is powered by a single barrel, ensuring an impressive ten day power reserve despite the extraordinary amount of complications and the 472 components.

The watch features the patented Amadeo Convertible case, a double face tourbillon and radial guidance display mechanism.

Three Timezones

The watch displays three different time zones in an entirely original configuration offering complete and intuitive readability. The local timezone occupies the center of the timepiece with a dome indicating the day / night cycle. This dome turns anti-clockwise to represent reality as closely as possible with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.

The two additional timezones are displayed and correspond to any one of the earth’s 24-timezones, set to the wearer’s preference. A window displays the name of the city and the time moves over a 24-hour dial. This hand follows the contour of a hemispherical dome representing Earth.

Minimizing power consumption and optimizing chronometry, the two domes are made from titanium. Each is engraved to represent a world map and the surface of the oceans is lowered to receive hand applied blue Super-LumiNova. These hemispherical displays offer a three-dimensional reading of time.

Amadeo Convertible Case

Housing this complicated watch is the emblematic Amadeo convertible case which was patented in 2010. This system transforms a timepiece into a reversible wristwatch, a table clock, or a pocket watch without the use of any tools. This unique design requires time to be displayed on both sides of the movement.

In the case of the Edouard Bovet Torubillon, the second face presents hand-engraving and displays the hours and minutes synchronized with the display of local time.  This dial has also been re-sized tor increased readability and is complemented by a power reserve indicator.

Caliber 16BM0F-TT

The movement, powered by the Caliber 16BM0F-TT, continuously and simultaneously drives eight hands and three hemispherical displays. Ensuring the 10-day power reserve and chronometric prowess, each component has been meticulously made. The pivots have been burnished and the teeth of each moving part has been cut by hobbing, an artisanal tradition conceived and practiced by the Bovet brothers in the early 19th century.

The patented double sided flying touribllon was chosen for this watch as it improves chronometry by minimizing friction. This also makes the tourbillon appear to float freely in the air as its attachment is small and almost invisible.

Winding and setting has been taken into great consideration with the design of the watch and movement. The winding mechanism has been calculated and designed to ensure that only 75 turns of the crown are needed to proved the 10-day reserve. Each secondary timezone has two correctors with which their display can be adjusted quickly.

Only 60 movements will be manufactured.

Technical Details of the Edouard Bovet Tourbillon

The watch is available in red gold, white gold or platinum.

  • Amadeo convertible case
  • Blue guilloche dial
  • 46mm diameter
  • 17.2mm thick
  • 30m water resistance
  • Caliber 16BM04-TT
  • Manual winding
  • 10 day power reserve
  • 1 minute tourbillon rotation
  • Hours, minutes, seconds on tourbillon, day/night indicator, 2nd timezone, 3rd timezone, hemispherical earth maps, 24-hour hand, 24-city disc, reversed hand fitting with hours, minutes and power reserve indicator
  • References: AIEB001 / AIEB002
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