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Collection of All Black Hublot Watches
Ten years ago, in April of 2006, Hublot took a leap and created a totally black watch. This would mean that all the markings would be black, even the dials and hands.

A watch lets you show off your personal style and Jean-Claude Biver designed the all black to communicate his persoanlity. He was inspired by Carlo Cerlatti, a jeweler from Monaco, to create these elegant yet sporty watches.

Many brands now offer completely black watches, but we were the first. The Hublot All Black created this revolutionary concept which is now a major trend.
– Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman

Hublot All Black Models Over The Years

Big Bang All Black

The first piece to be released as an All Black was the iconic Hublot Big Bang. This piece was released in 2006 as a limited edition of 250 pieces. This watch caused an uproar in the watchmaking community with it’s barely legible face. The 44.5mm black ceramic case featured black hands, a black dial, black hour markers and a blacked out date window.

Bigger Bang All Black

Following the 2006 release was the 2007 Bigger Bang release of the All Black. This was the world’s first column-wheel chronograph with a tourbillon. The black ceramic case surrounds a black skeletonized dial with black markers. This All Black was released in a limited edition of only 50 pieces.

Big Bang Aero Bang

Similar to the skeleton dial on the Bigger Bang, the Aero Bang features a skeleton dial to reveal the black movement of the chronograph. The watch is powered by the Hub 4200 movement. This 2008 release was limited to 500 pieces.

Big Bang All Black II

Revisiting the original 2006 release of the first Big Bang All Black, Hublot followed up with the 2009 version, the Big Bang All Black II. This watch featured a completely ceramic bracelet alongside black PVD coated bezel screws.


King Power Alinghi

In 2010, Hublot celebrated their partnership with two-time America’s Cup winner, Alinghi. This large, 48mm microblasted ceramic case houses a chronograph which is visible through the skeleton dial. The all black watch is accented with a hint of red in the Alinghi logo and is limited to 333 pieces.

Classic Fusion Chronograph

The Classic Fusion line is another collection offering All Black models. The Classic Fusion Chronograph All Black was introduced in 2011 featuring an all black ceramic case. This release is limited to 500 pieces.

Classic Fusion Chronograph 2012

Varying from the standard completely black watches, in 2012 Hublot released the All Black Blue Classic Fusion Chronograph. This release showed that the All Black watch can be combined with another color while still having mostly black dial. The hands and indices were designed in a deep blue color rather than black.

Big Bang Ferrari All Black

In 2013, the Ferrari All Black was released, limited to 1000 pieces. This all black featured Ferrari red features for the chronograph and a bright yellow date window. This model was powered by Hublot’s in-house chronograph movement, the HUB1241.

Big Bang Unico All Black

Developed and manufactured by Hublot, the caliber 1242 Unico was released entirely in black in 2014. This release was limited to 500 pieces for the 45.5mm black ceramic case.

MP05 LaFerrari All Black

Diverting from the typical shape and design of Hublot watches, the 2015 release introduced the black version of the MP-05 La Ferrari. This watch features a vertical tourbillon. Not only is the tourbillon unique, the watch houses 11 barrels, guaranteeing a power reserve of 50 days. The unique watch features a black PVD coated titanium case and is shaped similar to a car engine, with a limited release of 50 pieces.

Hublot All Black

Celebrating 10 Years

To celebrate an exciting 10 years creating unique all black watches, Hublot has released a limited edition Big Bang Unico All Black Sapphire. This piece is crafted from blocks of sapphire crystal, coated with metal and enhanced by black. The unique sapphires maintain transparency while staying true to the All Black design.

The Sapphire All Black represents the essence of a revolutionary concept. With this watch, the All Black becomes completely transparent while staying assertive on the wrist. It uses it’s transparency to make the construction and movement fully visible and observable.

Just 10 years ago, Hublot created a watch that created a must have statement for the wrist that sparked a new trend in watchmaking. These designs paired black dials with black markers and play off of the idea of visibility and invisibility. With the most recent release of the Hublot All Black Sapphire, the brand is now looking at not only how black absorbs the light, but how it can also still pass through creating another layer of mystery.

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