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German watch company, NOMOS Glashutte recently announced limited edition watches that will support Doctors Without Borders around the world.

Doctors without Borders - Nomos Watches

Limited Edition Watches

Nomos Glashutte has produced 8000 watches, 1000 of each model for Doctors Without Borders. Each watch, a renowned classic model from the brand features a few added touches.  The small inscription “Doctors Without Borders” is on the dial. The caseback also features a special engraving referring to the humanitarian organization.  The watches also feature black oxidized hands and a red twelve.  The red is the color of international aid.

The brand is releasing special limited edition watches for each specific region. Germany has a Tetra 27 and Tangente 38.  The UK has a Tangente 33 and Tangente.  The United States also has the Tangente 33 and a Tangente 38.

Nomos Watches for Doctors without BordersTangente 33 & 38

The Tangente 33 watch is 32.8mm stainless steel surrounding a galvanized white silver-plated dial.  The watch comes on a velour leather beige strap. Similarly, the Tangente 38 features a 37.5mm stainless steel case surroudning a galvanized white silver-plated dial.  The Tangente 38 comes on a Horween leather strap. Both of these watches featuret he in-house built NOMOS Alpha manual winding movement.

For each limited edition watches, 100 EUR, USD, or GBP will be donated. The amount depends on the location the watch was bought. The goal of Nomos is to raise over one million USD with the collaboration. These watches will not only look good on the wrist, they also help to support a great cause.

Doctors Without Borders

Whether in Syria, the Central African Republic, or Greece—the Nobel Prize winning organization is deployed around the globe, helping with more than 33,000 collaborators in conflict zones, epidemics, famines, and assisting fleeing and displaced peoples.

This organization was founded in France in 1971 and is also known as Medecins San Frontieres. In 2015, over 30,000 doctors, nurses, logistical experts, water and sanitation engineers provided aid over 70 countries.  These doctors have volunteered their time to solve the world health issues. Private donors provide approximately 80% of the funding while corporate donations provide the rest.

doctors without borders

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