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It’s been a big year for big power reserves in the watch industry. More and more brands are playing the multi-day power reserve game than we’ve ever seen in years past, and they really are a sexy-looking pack. As we creep closer and closer to go time for the biggest election day in modern history, we thought it would be fun to “count down” some of our favorite watches that you can wind up and let them run their way down to go time.

Watches That Last

Now we don’t have enough time before the big day to run out something crazy like Hublot’s La Ferrari Sapphire, but with just days to go, we’ve got just the piece to kick things off with.

Oris Artelier Calibre 112 (10 days)


Oris joined the 10-day power reserve club last year with the calibre 111, but 2016 saw the addition of a GMT and moonphase complication — giving birth to the 112. A power reserve like this is a rare sight from an entry-level brand like Oris, and at $6,500 it’s one hell of a bargain. To get what you’re getting from Oris from any other brand in the running, you can easily bump that sticker price up by a solid $5,000. The 112 is available with a silver or slate dial (as well as in a weird two-tone rose gold and steel) and a healthy mix of strap combinations but this black-on-black is the best of the bunch in our books.

Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 (10 days)


Let’s call a spade a spade here, The MECA-10 was one of Hublot’s best and brightest releases of 2016 (not to mention my new favorite Hublot of all time). The hand-wound gem has a very “vintage erector set” industrial vibe to it, and it uses a pair of indications for power reserve on its dial — one being a simple day counter subdial whose indication is framed in red, and the other a section of a toothed wheel whose red “low power” warning begins to appear when the pieces falls to 3 or fewer days of power reserve. It’s been a slow process from Basel to present day, but the MECA-10 in both Titanium and All Black are slowly trickling their way towards retailers.

Luminor 1950 10 Days Automatic GMT Ceramica (10 days)


We love a good Panerai Luminor any day of the week, but add a GMT complication, a ceramic black case, AND a 10 day power reserve? Yeah, we’ve got a winner. The chunky 44mm feels a touch more svelte thanks to its all-black finishing, and the use of ceramic sheds a reasonable amount of weight off the piece compared to its steel or gold siblings. While this lovely Luminor has been in the Panerai catalog for quite some time now, it’s still one of our favorites.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Eight Days Perpetual Pink Gold (8 days)


Once you level down to the 8 day mark a few more interesting options start popping up, though JLC’s Master 8 Days Perpetual is right at the top of our wants list. I mean, you don’t much more “dressy flash” than a pink gold perpetual, do you? To the non watch enthusiasts it’ll be just another shiny gold watch (which isn’t a bad thing) but to those in the know there will be a whole lot more “Hot damn! You’ve got one of those?”. Its double-barreled hand-winding caliber measures a mere 6.6mm thick which is more than reasonable considering the complication and power reserve at hand. Any classic perpetual is nothing to sneeze at, granted, but this bad boy still makes the cut in our books.

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch (7 days)


At the 7 day mark we really get back to classic utility. The Big Pilot from IWC is the kind of thing that everyone with the wrist size to pull it off should own — at 46mm it’s a bit of a beast in the best way possible. After its most recent redesign the piece looks even more like the original 1940 version is is modeled after (more on the evolution of the Big Pilot here), and it remains powered by an IWC in-house caliber. Shy of springing for the purely bonkers Big Pilot Perpetual, this bad boy us at the top of the IWC pilot’s watch shopping list.

Wind these watches today, and watch them take you through Election Day! Wound today, the watches with a 10-day power reserve will get you through the results of election day. Wind your watches with a 7 day reserve on Wednesday to get you past Election Day!

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