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Tax season is (almost) officially over! For those who have already filed and are wondering what to do with your return this year, we have a few suggestions. We sat down with resident watch expert and buyer, Alan, to get his opinion on watches in different price points for you to treat yourself. Maybe your refund won’t cover the entire cost of a new timepiece, but it will definitely help fund it!

Under $5,000 IWC Ingenieur IW3570-01

IWC is at it’s best when they keep things simple. The first Ingenieur was an instant classic, and this new one retains a lot of that original DNA. Sure most people associate the more geometric Genta case with the Ingenieur, but this classic look is just as timeless. The Ingenieur line has seen a lot of experimentation over the years, good and bad, but this homage definitely got it right.

Under $15,000 Stainless Steel Sky-Dweller (black dial)

Behind the smokescreen created by all of the turmoil and arguing over the new Sea-Dweller, Rolex released (in my opinion) the winner of Basel 2017. $14,400 for Rolex’s most complicated movement (in their current line) in a very wearable steel /white gold combination is a steal. This new, sleek, black-dialed version in steel is a much more accessible, and makes for a great daily wear.

Under $25,000 Royal Oak Chronograph Blue/Silver Subdials

The Royal Oak has always looked good. Thus, Audemars Piguet hasn’t really been forced to change too much. Case sizes have gotten a bit larger over the years, but what has really been embraced are the unique dial/color options that have been introduced to the market. A Royal Oak with a blue dial (15300, 15202, etc.) has always been a coveted prize among collectors. AP making this newest iteration of the R.O.C available as part of their regular (non-boutique-only) product line, is sure to satisfy many a hungry wrist.

Over $25,000 Patek Philippe 5170P


I’ve never been a fan of diamond markers. I think they’re gorgeous, just not something I could see myself wearing. Not anymore, this stunning blue vignette dial, in a large (by Patek’s standards anyway) platinum case, makes me NEED this watch (baguettes and all). The diamonds don’t scream, sure, they’re there, but I didn’t even notice them until I read the detailed description. Sometimes with a watch, you can’t really explain why you want it, it’s some raw, hedonistic attraction. I have that for this one, and I’m accepting donations.

About Alan Strassler
After trying on his father's two-tone Submariner, Alan knew he loved watches. It amazed him that somehow gears and tiny little pieces of metal, barely seen bye the naked eye, could make his watch work. His father tried to explain it to him, but he didn't get it. He understands now, and he's hooked. He currently owns a Breitling Chronomat 01, a Rolex Explorer 1 (39mm), an AP Diver, and his grandfather's vintage Longines. He plans on getting a Speedy next (although there seems to be almost too many to choose from). His current grail watch is the FP Journe 10 year Anniversary Tourbillon.

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