Watch and Brand News Updates to the Govberg OnTime App

Technology is an important part of of our world, so why not pair your love of watches with technology?  Back in April we launched a new version of our app, Govberg OnTime, on the iOS App Store.  We are currently developing the app for Android users, so be sure to keep an eye out for when we announce the launch.  If you haven’t downloaded the app already, the app includes a watch news service from over 20 top blogs as well as shopping features to shop our new and pre-owned watches.

One of the most popular features of the app is the Watch Box.  This section allows you to easily upload photographs of your watches and include some information about the watch.  This is perfect for when you want to show off and brag about your watches all in one place! Through this feature you also have the option to get a free quote to sell or trade your watch to Govberg.

New App Features

Now that you’ve been acquainted with the basic features of Govberg OnTime, it’s time to introduce some new features we’re excited to share with you, whether you already have the app or are about to download it.  The first thing you need to do is go to the App Store and update Govberg OnTime to the latest version.

Once you have the latest version, be sure to create a login account for the app so you can take full advantage of all the features and share your watch box across devices.  Registration only requires your name, email and a password and you can be sure that we will not share your contact information with anyone.

Shop Notifications

If you’re in the market for a new watch, or have a few watches that you would like to stay on the lookout for, then Shop Notifications were developed for you!  We add new watches to our pre-owned inventory every day, and Shop Notifications will make sure that you get a chance to see the newest items before anyone else. Shop Notification Alerts are completely configurable – just choose with brand(s) and model(s) you are interested in, and we will send an instant alert whenever we add a new item that matches your preferences.

Setting up Shop Notifications couldn’t be easier – just click the settings button at the top left corner of the page, or click “Alerts and Notifications” from the main Shop page.   If you want to be notified of ALL pre-owned watches as they are added to our collection, just turn on notifications for All Pre-Owneds on the settings page.

Pre-Owned Product Alerts on Govberg OnTime

When you’re on the custom screen, you’ll find a list of all the watch brands that are currently listed, or have been previously listed for sale in our extensive pre-owned inventory.  Once you select a brand, it will pull a list of models.  You can either choose to be alerted when any model is added to the inventory or you can choose specific models.  These settings will be added to your custom notifications.  If you decide you no longer want alerts about a specific brand or model, from the shop notifications settings page, slide the item to the left to show a delete key.  You can always add a brand or model back into your notifications even after you delete it previously.

News Subscriptions

When you’re on the News tab, you can now customize what sources you would like to show up in your the Latest News Feed.  We have also added the ability to customize push notifications so you can be alerted when new articles are published by your favorite source(s).  Both of these options are available through the settings button found at the top left corner of the app.  Once you’re in the settings screen, you can continue on to Push Notification Settings where you can then toggle on or off your alerts or scroll down to adjust the sources in your news feed.

Settings for Govberg OnTime News

On the main page of the news customization, you will find a list of all the blogs currently available to read. Here you can adjust and turn off sources if you don’t want to read the articles they publish and turn them on or off as you would like.  When you switch a source off, it automatically removes the postings from your Latest News feed.

Continuing into the push notifications setting, you will see it is broken into two different sections — app notifications and new post notifications.  The app notifications will alert you with the popular post of the day, any watch breaking news and Govberg OnTime app announcements.  These alerts are less frequent than the new post notifications.  When you turn on new post notifications from your favorite sources, you’ll receive an alert every time new content is published and is available to read on the app.  The notifications will vary depending on how often each source publishes a new article. You can always customize your settings to receive fewer alerts if you find the notifications annoying.

Turn On Your Notifications!

To make sure that all these new features are showing up as an alert on your phone, you need to make sure that push notifications for Govberg OnTime are activated on your phone.  To do this, go into your iOS settings and select notifications.  Scroll through your app list until you find OnTime and select it to edit the settings.  Turn on Allow Notifications and then edit how you would like it to show up.  You can adjust how many recent items show up in the notification center, adjust sounds, showing the badge app icon and how it is shown on the lock screen.

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