The Life of a Collector Watch Advice for Enthusiasts, From Enthusiasts

With Baselworld, SIHH and all the other great watch shows happening every year, it’s important to remember a few things when you’re collecting watches. There are so many tempting new pieces and vintage watches appearing for sale, so how do you decide on your next timepiece?

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Moments in Time

Watch collecting, admiring and buying are ripe with nuance. A seasoned enthusiast will often cite the thrilling pursuit of his next horological acquisition as what fuels this passion. Others will tell you that passion is merely a prerequisite. They are intrigued by mesmerizing complications, a timepiece’s refined architectural profile, or its mechanical ingenuity.

Someone else will point to the discovery of yet another pre-owned chronograph, and the calculated inner monologue that transpires as they evaluate if they should buy this one, trade something in or push ‘pause’ on the transaction, as what keeps them going. Nuanced, indeed.

Just as an executive coach advances the effectiveness and productivity of a leadership team, a highly specialized, authorized retailer will help one navigate their growth and development as a watch collector. Enter Govberg Jewelers.

Govberg’s dedicated associates share sound advice for watch enthusiasts.

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Alan Strassler

Make sure you fall in love first. Take your time, explore as many options as possible. Don’t be in a hurry to build a collection. I would much rather have a smaller collection of pieces that I’m absolutely enamored with, than a giant collection of watches that I’m kind of “meh” about.

Andrew Rovinsky

Buy what you like. Forget about brand position, resale value, what’s being said on the forums; buy what you like.

Alaina Lackman

Use your trusted retailer to help you learn about the product and recognize what resonates with you. And ultimately, know their return and trade-in policy. A good retailer will help you find the perfect fit for this point in your collecting life, and will help you adjust and modify your collection over time.

Josh Srolovitz

Collecting is all about finding pieces that make you happy, not necessarily what will prove to be a home-run investment piece. A watch is a very personal expression of one’s style and personality, so you should enjoy showing it off!

Jon Callahan

Collecting is about passion so buy what makes you happy. Collecting shouldn’t be about investing one’s money and hoping for a return. If you want to invest your money, meet with your financial advisor.

Caroline Joffe

Enjoy the process. Read the magazines, websites and blogs dedicated to watch collecting. Engage your retailer and other collectors. And don’t be afraid to ask questions. In doing so, you will discover the intangible magic of horology – the sense of wonder, community and exhilaration.

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Let us know how you decide what watches to collect in the comments below! We look forward to hearing your collecting process.

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Caroline has been passionately involved in the watch industry for the past 10 years. She has received tremendous education in many facets of the watch industry. Caroline currently serves as the publisher of iW Magazine and is the Marketing Director for Govberg Jewelers.

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