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For the last week I’ve been wearing a Vintage Omega Seamaster.  It has traveled to the top of the Empire State Building and toured Washington, DC (in the rain!), and never once stopped for a break.  In fact, it would have stayed on my wrist longer if I didn’t give it back to it’s original owner.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like such a large watch on my wrist.  Before you say anything, I realize that at 34mm, this watch is small compared to most modern watches.  However, when you compare it to the 19mm Omega I wear almost daily, this watch was daunting and I worried it would look bizarre on my small wrist.  While I’m not sure I would like anything larger on my wrist, I might have found a new obsession wearing 34mm watches.

Vintage Omega Seamaster

Wearing the Seamaster

The strap was changed to a blue alligator strap, which is perfect for me as it is able to be worn with everything, from black to brown and any other color I could dream of wearing.  The silvered dial, which has slightly changed in color over the years, catches the light beautifully and I caught myself looking at it constantly.  I also find myself staring into the crystal and looking at the original Omega symbol in the middle of the crystal.  While this one is slightly crooked, it is still a fantastic feature found in vintage watches, setting themselves apart from their modern counterparts.

Since the watch is from the 1950s, another interesting factor is the slightly curved seconds hand. The curve is common in older watches, and is done on purpose.  Because the seconds hand sits at the top of the stack and there is less clearance at the edge of the dial under the crystal, watchmakers curved the end to accommodate the long seconds hand and make it easy to read.

dial detail of Omega Seamaster

This watch was also worn through some hot, rainy, conditions and survived with out damage! This most likely due to the fact that the watch was serviced in the last year and the crystal was checked.  I also made sure to keep it under my rain jacket and avoided getting it wet.  Vintage pieces in particular should be double checked for water resistance to avoid damage.

The watch, aside from being at a great entry point for the vintage watch world, is a perfect dress watch.  The slim case and modest size made it easy to wear from daytime to nighttime.  The size also makes this watch perfectly unisex.  I also personally love that it is a true dress watch and has no date aperture.

The only issue I found with wearing the watch was that it rotated on my wrist.  The strap is on the newer side, and I wore it almost at the end due to the length combined with my smaller wrist.  Because of the stiffness of the leather, it would lean slightly back on my wrist rather than flat.  This is such a minor detail, and with more wear the leather strap would form to my wrist more.

Vintage Watches

Older, or rather vintage watches, channel a different feeling when you wear them.  I was afraid of damaging the watch and was probably more cautious than I needed to be while wearing it due to its age. At the same time, there is something magical about knowing a watch from 50 years ago is still running and is in great condition.

A great vintage watch should be a part of anyone’s collection, whether just starting out or just looking to add more.  There is a history behind these vintage pieces that, unless you know the original owner, will leave you wondering where it has been and what it has seen.

Technical characteristics:

Movement: Automatic

Model: Seamaster

Functions: Time Only

Case and bracelet: Stainless Steel, Blue Leather Strap

Dial and hour markers:  Silver, Indexed

Wearing a Vintage Omega Seamaster


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Newbie to watches but a quick learner. She loves the history of watches and loves learning how they work. She prefers Rolex and Omega watches but is learning the history behind other brands. Her watch of choice right now is her vintage Omega Ladymatic that is a mere 19mm. She has her eye on a few others including the Plum dial Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36mm and a Patek Twenty ~4 (4910/10 A011). While she enjoys the look of vintage watches, she is excited to learn about new models and build her collection.