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In case you didn’t already know, the American Powerball Jackpot has reached an all time high of $1.5 Billion, that’s an $930 million cash value.

Yes, you read that right. $1.5 billion.

Update: As of the morning of January 14th, three winning tickets were sold!

What if you win the lottery?

There are a few things every winner should plan on doing. Paying off any debt (mortgages, student loans…) and assembling a team of legal and financial planners should be put on top priority. Once you’ve taken care of all the smart investments and spending, you should plan to treat yourself.

With this jackpot, we can’t really think of anything that you couldn’t buy, so we’ve assembled a list of watches that we love, and wish we owned, if we won the lottery. Plus, a watch can be a perfect investment piece! We’ve tried to limit the list, but it can be hard to pick just a few from the entire archive of watches produced… we stopped at 15 watches but could keep going.

Patek Philippe

5940G Ultra Thin

Ultra Thin Patek Philippe 5940G

Patek Philippe reintroduced 5940 the tonneau case in 2012 in just yellow gold.  This is the most recent addition to the collection found in beautiful white gold. This Art Deco inspired watch is one of the mot traditional complications, a perpetual calendar. To celebrate not only winning the lottery, this watch will automatically adjust for the leap year happening this year.

The cushion shaped case is extremely wearable and features a micro-rotor movement and is incredibly thin and versatile.  Although this watch is a new model, it has a vintage feel with it’s Art Deco inspiration.

Patek 5970/1R – Black Dial and Rose Gold Bracelet

Patek Philippe 5970 Black Dial

The black dial on a rose gold bracelet is a special order, perfect for the Powerball winner.  The brick style bracelet adds a layer of uniqueness to this watch.  Originally introduced in 2004, the 5970 had only a seven year production. The dial is perfectly balanced with a tachymeter, chronograph, moon phase and perpetual calendar. The large case, at 40mm, lends itself to an easily read dial.

Patek 5130

Patek Philippe - Ref 5130 World Time 1Available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or platinum, this watch is perfect for all the traveling you’ll do after winning. On the easy to read double disc dial, with 24 major cities outlining the time zones, you’ll also find a day and night indicator. This elegant world time watch measures 39.5mm with a beautiful silver guilloche sunburst dial.

The watch is powered by the in-house made automatic calibre 240 HU with an off-centered mini rotor.  The cities rotate by pushing the button at 10 o’clock until the city you would like appears at the 12 o’clock position.

Patek 5370P – Split Seconds Chronograph


The 5370P is a fascinating timepiece and very few pieces are available. It is a manually wound split second chronograph. This watch references the history of Patek Philippe, bringing together an in-house calibre and traditional enamel dial.  The crown and case both reference the 1940s designs.

The balance and darkness of this dial is especially special.  Found just under the 6 is “email,” the french word for enamel. The enameling is an incredibly complex process, baked at 850 degrees Celcius and then controlled cooling for an intense blackness.  This process doesn’t end there, it takes three hours to polish! The combination of all of this means that the dial will never fade.

Patek 5078R

Patek 5078R

Let your watch tell you the time with the chiming sound of this complex minute repeater.  The chimes were first produced over 160 years ago, before the invention of electric lighting and luminous numerals to tell the time even in darkness.  This watch will chime the hours, quarter-hours and then minutes since the last quarter-hour. Each part has a different sound assigned to it, making it easy to listen to and tell the time.

This simple looking watch can easily be mistaken for a time-only watch, but you’ll surely surprise people when you chime the time to them!


Stella Day-Date


The Stella Day-Date is an incredibly special version of the classic Rolex Day-Date President.  This version of the Day-Date features hard enamel, typically found in a vivid color. These dials are extremely rare and highly sought after.  No two dials are the same as each enamel paint is mixed by hand.  These fantastically colored dials included turquoise, Ox blood, pink, green, black, orange and more!

These colored dials were introduced in the 1970s and were originally designed for the Middle East Market. These bright dials are extremely rare and can often be found on matching leather straps.

Rolex released a modern version of these popular watches at Baselworld in 2013 featuring colored, non-enamel dials and matching leather straps.


Rolex SkyDweller Watches

Released in 2012, the Sky-dweller has  been one of the most anticipated releases from Rolex.  Available in only precious metals and with a fluted bezel, this watch is anything but a sports watch.  It references the iconic Day-Date with it’s inner ring.  This watch features an off-centered cutaway dial and small rectangular apertures by each hour.

This is both a dual timzeone watch and an annual calendar, making it the first annual calendar from Rolex. Another unique, unexpected element in this watch is that it is completely operated by the bezel.  The bezel control ring features 60 individual components, allowing the watch to be easily set. To add to the complexity of this watch, is the caliber 9001, arguably one of the most complex calibers produced by Rolex.

Audemars Piguet

Royal Oak 15400 – Rose Gold

AP Rose Gold Royal Oak 15400

A 37mm rose gold case surrounds a black Grand Tapisserie dial and is complemented with a black leather strap. The size of this watch makes it perfect for both men and women to enjoy.  The Grand Tapisserie pattern is unique to Audemars Piguet and every detail is hand finished.

The Royal Oak is one of the most recognized watches, with it’s 8 polished white gold screws and hexagon bezel.  This watch is powered by the self winding calibre 3120 beating at 3,00 Hz, 21,600 alternances per hour.

Schumacher Laptimer

Audemars Piguet Schumacher Laptimer

This Royal Oak Concept was designed for the legendary driver, Michael Schumacher and was released as a limited edition of 221 pieces.  Both Schumacher and Audemars Piguet have a desire to continually evolve and push the limit. This watch was designed with just that in mind, and reflects Schumacher’s adventurous nature.

The 44mm case was created out of forged carbon, a material found in motor racing, and is powerful yet lightweight. There are 7 small stars on the outside of the case to signify the 7 world championships of Schumacher. The piece was created for Schumacher’s want of a mechanical timepiece designed specifically for motor racing with the ability to time and compare multiple, consecutive laps.

F.P. Journe

Repetition Souverain

Let another watch chime to you rather than looking at it to tell the time.  This release from F.P. Journe is one of the most impressive and sophisticated.  The understated, elegant and ultra thin design make this watch comfortable to wear.  F.P. Journe designed this watch out of a desire to create a complication that would be difficult to duplicate.

This watch is only available in steel because it is thought to produce the best possible striking tone.  There is a slide bar to activate the minute repeater, which you can then watch through the window at 10 o’clock.  The striking is both strong and clear. At first glance, this watch does not look like it houses a complex movement and hammers striking the time.

Blue Mother Of Pearl Octa Lune

FP Journe Mother Of Pearl Octa Lune

The Mother of Pearl Octa Lune is part of a unique collection showing beauty paired with chronometric precision.  This Octa Lune is available in platinum and is part of the Boutiques Collection, making it hard to find.  It features the date, moon phase and power reserve.

Titanium & Rose Gold Octa Perpetual

Octa Perpetual Titanium and Rose Gold Watch The titanium and rose gold Octa Perpetual is a piece limited to only 99 watches.  The watch is a perpetual calendar, which means that in February of a leap year, it will automatically adjust for the 29th day. This model was released as an Anniversary Boutique Edition and is no longer available, making it a rare watch.

Other Watches We Would Buy

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time 47450/000R-9404

Rose Gold Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

The Overseas was inspired by a 1970s model and is a modern Vacheron Constantin sports watch.  The Overseas collection was expanded in 2006 with the release of the dual time. The 42mm rose gold case sits nicely on any wrist both formally and informally, having a lower profile than most complex watches.

The dial is complex yet is easy to read. There are two subdials that are cut into the dial at 2 o’clock and 6 o’clock,. There is a rose gold applied “swoosh” for the power reserve, extending from 8 o’clock to 11 o’clock.  The hands, subdial registers and indicies are all applied rose gold.

Ulysse Nardin Freak

Ulysse Nardin Frak Limited Edition Watch

This unique watch is called the Freak because it is so different for the brand and Avant-Garde in design. First released in 2001, the watch has seen very little changes in it’s more recent releases. The first two releases of the watches featured a singular carousel while more modern releases feature a tourbillon and a carousel. The carousel is included with the minute hand while there is a sunken hour hand hidden underneath.

The watch is manually wound by turning the caseback. Although the caseback is mostly solid, there is a small window showing off the mainspring.  As you wind, you can see the mainspring tighten. On the front of this watch, the moving bezel replaces the functions of a conventional crown.  Newer models feature a pull tab at 6 o’clock to set the time while the original model had a freely moving bezel.

This watch is extremely rare as it is a landmark watch for Ulysse Nardin.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Reverso Duo 986

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Reverso Duo 986

Celebrating it’s 85th birhtday, the Reverso is an iconic design by Jaeger-LeCoultre. All of the Reverso designs are able to be worn with both casual or more formal designs.  This model in particular features two dials rather than a dial and solid or exhibition caseback.

This model features a silver dial, completed with the date and home time. On the back dial, is a black guilloche dial meant to be a second timzeone, with a day/night indicator and a 24-hour display.  This watch doesn’t have to be used as a dual timezone though, it can also be used for a more causal look with the silver dial, or a formal look found on the black dial.

Even if you don’t win the entire jackpot, you can still celebrate with a new watch. Govberg Jewelers is an authorized retailer of new watches for over 50 brands and has an extensive pre-owned collection featuring over 500 watches ready to be added to your collection.

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