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Now that I work in the watch industry, it’s fun to notice watches in different places where I didn’t notice them before, including watches in movies. But how I overlooked these shiny objects that donned the big silver screen of some of the most iconic movies, I’ll never know, but I won’t be missing them anymore.

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Whether a watch is used for product placement, or to help build the character, or simply because the actor chooses to wear a certain timepiece, there is thought and strategy that goes into selecting the right watch for the story line.

James Bond Omega & Rolex

One of the most recognizable examples of the importance of watches in movies is in the James Bond series. Go back 50 years to the beginning of the James Bond series. Secret agent hero, 007, wore a Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Later, in 1962’s Dr. No, 007, played by Sean Connery, wore a Rolex Submariner, reference 6538.


Maybe only true Bond fans, or true Rolex fans, will know that the Rolex Submariner was worn in the beginning of the Bond series because today, many people associate James Bond with Omega. Beginning in the 1990’s with the Pierce Brosnan era, the watch of choice switched from Rolex to the Omega Seamaster Professional. The timepiece that Brosnan wore for all of his films was a blue-dialed Seamaster with a blue rotating bezel on a steel bracelet that had alternating polished and brushed links.


Even most recently with Daniel Craig, the Omega continues to be Bond’s brand of choice, only now it is an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean or the Seamaster 300 Spectre Limited Edition released in 2015. This version was worn by Bond in the movie as well as being released as a limited edition for Bond fans and watch collectors.

Obviously, James Bond is not the only movie series to incorporate watches into the big screen. We’ll explore a few more timepieces that shared their own flashes of stardom on a marquee.



One of the most recent releases, and possibly the most noticable timepiece placement was the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Perpetual worn by Dr. Stephen Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, in Marvel Studio’s Doctor Strange. Can we also take a moment to reflect on that amazing watch drawer he had int he movie?


Jaeger-LeCoultre was also featured in Batman. The Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre watch was first worn by Val Kilmer and then again on the wrist of Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy. In Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the Reverso Grande Taille was featured. A special edition featuring the Batman symbol was created for The Dark Knight Rises – the Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Tribute to 1931.



Hamilton certainly has lots of movie credits in its reel. From Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey wore the Khaki Pilot Day Date, in A Good Day to Die Hard, Bruce Willis wore a Jazzmaster Viewmatic.


The Men in Black 3 movie was a huge fan of Hamilton watches, featuring Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson and David Rasche all wearing Hamilton’s Ventura series models including, the Chrono, Silver, Black Dial, Ventura Ladies and the Elvis Anniversary.

Honorable Mentions


Tom Cruise who played the hitman, Vincent, in Collateral, donned a sharp grey suit and IWC Vintage Ingenieur Automatic IW3233. The Patek Philippe with brown leather strap was worn by Ryan Gosling in Drive. Leonardo DiCaprio wore a Breitling Chrono Avenger watch in Blood Diamond. The timepiece has a black dial and solid titanium 44mm case with a brown calf leather strap.


And let’s geek out for a second as we go back to the 80’s classic, Back to the Future. Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly wore a Casio digital calculator watch, CA53-W.


This was a fun look back at some fantastic watches and the movies in which they were featured. Watches will continue to don the wrists of actors in movies, and influence viewers through their exposure on the big screen. What are some of your favorites that we missed?

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