The Life of a Collector Why Do We Collect?

Watches As Artwork

Collecting WatchesTo me, a timepiece represents something truly profound. It is not only a device whose measurements our lives revolve around, but also an extension of ourselves. I am a firm believer that a watch can tell us a lot about its wearer. From large and diamond clad pieces, to ultra thin and understated, these objects offer a unique window into the character of a person we have never met, and may never meet.

Furthermore, a watch is a work of art. A highly skilled artist must bring to life these raw materials, put them together in such a fashion that they begin to work together, acting as organs by which the parts function to keep it alive and running. Of these parts the escapement, or heart, is at the center of it all. A simple wind of the crown gives the escapement the power to start “beating,” which in turn brings life to the rest of the movement.

History Associated with Vintage Watches

As fascinating as these movements can be, there is still one more thought that may be the most profound, and important, for collectors when it comes to the watches they choose.  Simply put, it is the story behind each watch. For example, to wear an antique Longines chronograph, is to wear a timepiece that could very well have been entrenched in battle, on the wrist of a soldier during a great world war. A vintage Rolex Explorer to have been the watch worn to the summit of Mt. Everest; or even the famous Omega Speedmaster to have been the only watch to leave the confines of our known world, to travel where no man has gone before. This, for me, is the most important part of collecting. I love to imagine who may have worn the very watch on my wrist before me, where in the world it traveled to, and I love that no matter how old it may be, it never stops ticking.

We, today, may not have been present at history’s most important moments, or personally involved in a great exploration, but to be one step closer to something bygone and to have a piece of history of your wrist is what it’s all about. This is what makes collectors tick.

About Josh Srolovitz
After getting into watches at a young age, Josh acquired his first luxury watch while still in high school, the Omega 300m GMT 50th Anniversary. He has since continued on with his passion for watches and has owned a Rolex 16233 Datejust, 16013 Datejust, 17000 Oyster Quartz, 1803 Day Date, Rose Gold Chronographe Suisse, and a Corum Trophy 41. He started at Govberg Jewelers in 2012 and it has only fueled his passion for collecting timepieces. Find Josh at the Philadelphia location of Govberg Jewelers.

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