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Rolex Explorer 2 Love: Patek Philippe Discontinued Watches; Best Watches Under $10,000; Watch Buying

Enter to win a Breitling Colt Skyracer! Watch buyers, watch collectors, and luxury watch enthusiasts know that “Watches Tonight” with Tim Mosso is the top live streaming web show on YouTube! Tonight, Tim discusses the late breaking news of discontinued Patek Philippe watches for 2019 and what it means to watch buyers seeking to add a Nautilus Annual Calendar 5726, a Calatrava 5296, a Regulator 5235G, or a last-licks 5170P chronograph; time is short for these Patek Philippe models. Separately, Tim shares his love for the Rolex Explorer 2 reference 216570. Although seemingly consigned to a permanent second stage by the headlining Rolex GMT Master II, the 216570 is a brash, versatile, and worthwhile luxury sports watch for those who want the full Rolex experience but don’t run with the herd. Even better for open-minded Rolex buyers is the fact that the Explorer II ranks among the few current stainless steel Roled sports watches that sells pre-owned for close to its retail price and often can be purchased at authorized Rolex dealers with no waiting period… Tim expands on his discussion of unheralded collectible watches with a review of the best watches priced below $10,000 U.S. Sports watches dominate the discussion, but versatile references from Tim’s list could accompany a suit with ease; the Breguet Type XX 3800 Aeronavale; the Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Memovox; the Paul Gerber Model 42 Synchron DT Pilot’s Watch; the MIH watch, and the exotic Zenith El Primero Rattrapante chronometer chronograph. Should you trust online influencers to guide your watch collection? Tim Mosso has been called an “influencer” of watch enthusiasts, but he rejects the term. In general, it’s best for watch collectors to steer clear of those who peddle taste and influence; a stranger is a terrible candidate to help you select your dream watch. Tune out the noise of the Internet and tune into your heart’s inner voice… or buy the wrong watch and be disappointed. Finally, Tim reflects on his past as a watch collector, mistakes he has made, and advice he can give to watch collectors at different points in their journeys. Tim has bought watches, sold watches, and learned from his experiences. In short, have a plan, but don’t be rigid; shop more, buy less; learn what you like, and set a limit for the number of watches in your collection. The last point is key, because it will force watch buyers to get in touch with personal tastes, needs, priorities, and build a watch collection that reflects these preferences. Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: