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Sell Your Patek Philippe Gondolo

Fill out the form on the right side of this page to get a FREE QUOTE to sell your Patek Philippe Gondolo to Govberg.

Govberg Jewelers can pay more for your Patek Philippe Gondolo watch than anyone else. Read below to learn more about the Gondolo collection and the process to sell your Gondolo to Govberg. When you are ready to get a free quote to sell your Gondolo, just fill out the form on the right side of this page to get started!

About Gondolo

gondoloThe Gondolo family, introduced in 1993, is Patek’s modern interpretation of the classic Art Deco style. Gondolo demonstrates Patek Philippe’s dedication to designing watches that figure proudly in the company’s legacy. The name “Gondolo” came from the “Chronometro Gondolo” watches that were made by Patek Philippe for the renowned Brazilian retailer Gondolo & Labouriau in the early 1900’s.


Govberg Jewelers provides the best value when you want to sell your Patek Philippe Gondolo.

Our Process

Get the best value for your Patek Philippe Gondolo online in 5 easy steps:

  1. Complete Form: Fill out the form on our website to get a quote for the value of your Gondolo. This takes less than a minute.
  2. Get Quote: Our team of expert watch buyers evaluates each watch, and will deliver a quote based on the information that you have provided.
  3. Print Label: You print out a pre-paid, fully insured, Fedex label to send your Gondolo to us.
  4. Watch Evaluation: Once we receive the watch, our watchmakers authenticate your watch and evaluate its condition. Our buyers will then work with you to determine the final value of your Patek Philippe Gondolo.
  5. Get Paid: Once our finalized quote is accepted, we process payment immediately.

Patek Philippe Gondolo Models We Buy

Below is a partial list of the most popular Patek Philippe Gondolo models that we accept. This list is not expected to be exhaustive, use the form on this page to provide information on your watch to receive a free Quote to sell your watch to Govberg Jewelers.

  • 4825
  • 4868
  • 4869
  • 4949
  • 5014
  • 5024
  • 5098
  • 5099
  • 5109
  • 5111
  • 5112
  • 5115
  • 5124
  • 5135
  • 5489
Ladies Gondolo
  • 4972
  • 4973
  • 4980
  • 4981
  • 4982
  • 4991
  • 4992
  • Rolex
  • Zenith
  • Norqain
  • Grand Seiko Watches
  • Bremont
  • Seiko
  • F.P. Journe
  • Ressence
  • Patek Philippe
  • Hublot
  • Tag Heuer
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