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Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Heritage Luxury Watch Review Bell & Ross' Instrument series defined the "pilot watch" look of the early 21st century. With the Vintage line, Bell & Ross turns the clock back to about 1940 and delivers an "Instrument" watch from the dawn of aviation timekeeping. Designed in the spirit of pioneering pilot's watches, the WW2 Regulateur Heritage is a modern tribute to the early military aviators and their equipment. The WW2 (wrist watch 2) Regulateur Heritage combines a "regulator" dial with an oversized case, "onion" crown, and simulated patina that recalls several prominent early aviation watch references including the German B-Uhr, the Longines Lindbergh, and the many variants of the Weems pilot watch Each element of the WW2 Regulateur Heritage (so named because it segregates the hour, minute, and seconds hands onto separate dials) is designed to evoke a bygone age of flight. The simulated patina of the dial features browned hands that mimic the radium degradation often seen on vintage pilot watches. Bell & Ross extends the treatment to the dial itself, which features a dark tobacco hue with small irregularities that give the impression of natural oxidation. Even the untreated and rusticated calf leather strap plays a role in fostering an atmosphere of romantic nostalgia. Inside the 49mm DLC-coated stainless steel case, an automatic movement keeps the "Regulateur" topped-off and turning. Each lug is a double-hinged affair that permits easy use over thick aviation safety gear or substantial winter coats. A bidirectional bezel offers convenience beyond its original navigation intent; with the ability to quickly and easily time intervals of up to 60 minutes, a rotating bezel is the world's most user-friendly chronograph. The Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Heritage is available in like-new condition with full Bell & Ross factory boxes, manuals, and documents of provenance. See it in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.