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Roger Dubuis Sympathie S34 Luxury Watch Review This Roger Dubuis Sympathie 34mm ultra-thin luxury watch straddles two eras: daring modern style, and classical high horology finish. But Roger Dubuis' finest is anything but conflicted, and this limited edition independent horology maverick offers the best of both worlds. But with only 28 examples of this 8mm thick rose gold opus produced, few owners will be fortunate enough to have it both ways... In 1995, veteran Patek Philippe complication designer Roger Dubuis helped to launch the modern era of star independent watchmakers. For the first time in over a century, collectors began to see watches crafted by the men whose names adorned the dials. From the beginning, Roger Dubuis' luxury watches were bolder, more daring, and more aggressive than those of the traditional high horology establishment. This Roger Dubuis Sympathie S34 proves that refinement and audacious character can co-exist. Its powerfully flared case flanks, jutting lugs, and intricate off-white dial declare an intent to take center stage in any sartorial ensemble. The Roger Dubuis Sympathie 34mm is is a rare option for men who believe a dress watch should be as potent as the total black-tie package. It *declares* itself. Beneath the expressive dial, Roger Dubuis fits the Sympathie S34 with a true rarity: a Geneva Seal chronometer movement. While each is a worthy accolade in its own right, the combination of the two is almost unheard of. Geneva Seal watches receive the highest standard of third-party aesthetic endorsement. Since the 1880s, official standards of the famed "Poincon de Geneve" have been defined by Geneva law, and the stamp itself has been dispensed by a designated authority acting on behalf of the city and canton of Geneva. At this level of finish, unseen components are wrought to artistic degrees of aesthetic excellence; even the undersides of screws are polished to a mirror sheen. The Roger Dubuis Sympathie S34 also boasts chronometer certification, but this is no mere COSC stamp of approval. In traditional fashion - France once led the world in high horology - the Sympathie S34's caliber 57 ultra-thin movement was tested by the observatory in Besancon, France. Far more rigorous than Swiss COSC standards, the Bescancon Observatory certification is a serious accolade that speaks to masterful regulation and innate mechanical precision; it should come as no surprise that Monsieur Roger Dubuis himself is named as this watch's actual regulator on its included observatory certification document. See this rare, expressive, and achingly beautiful Roger Dubuis Sympathie S34 ultra-thin in high-resolution images on Video and content by Tim Mosso.