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Rolex Daytona (Zenith El Primero) Review & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept: Collectible Watches

Contact for pricing and availability; Either I have it, or I can get it! Luxury watches are on the breakfast menu this morning as Tim Mosso presents an unrivaled collection of the best watch brands. Comprised entirely of preowned luxury watches from the WatchBox inventory, today’s selection includes Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega watches of all sizes, styles, case materials, and complications. A trilogy of sports watch from Omega, a trio of Oyster case Rolex watches, and the one-and-only AP Royal Oak Concept 1 are on the agenda. Join Tim for YouTube’s only video gallery of the world’s best luxury watches. Rolex watches in three core styles enliven today’s production. The 2020 Rolex Submariner “no-date” is a show-stopper in its own right with a style as fresh today as when the Rolex Sub first surfaced in 1953. The Rolex Daytona with Zenith El Primero-based caliber 4030 is a genuine investment-grade watch, and this A-series Daytona combines a black dial, as stainless steel case, and outstanding condition inside and out. Finally, the pilot’s watch of the Rolex catalog, the GMT-Master II, here appears in its cult-watch “black bezel” form for iconoclasts. Omega watches never cede first place to Rolex, so we have an Omega trilogy to match that of Rolex. This is the 2017 Omega 60th Anniversary Trilogy set of match serial number Omega Seamaster 300, Omega Railmaster, and Omega Speedmaster. Although 3,557 pieces of each “trilogy” style were produced, only 557 sets of three with matched serial numbers were sold. This collectible watch collection includes a rich and extensive commemorative boxed set. Fans of high horology will applaud the inclusion of a Patek Philippe 5070R chronograph and the legendary 2002 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept. The former exhibits outstanding unpolished condition, and the latter demonstrates the incredible technical acumen of Audemars Piguet Renaud et Papi. This is an episode designed to thrill watch buyers and watch collectors. • 32:14 A. Lange & Sohne Richard Lange Pour Le Merite 260.032 (enamel dial, fusee and chain) $74,950 • 37:45 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept 25980AI.OO.D003SU.01 (tourbillon, power reserve) o Email for pricing • 34:49 De Bethune DB25 Power Reserve DB25SV (40mm, white gold) o Email for pricing • 17:21 F.P. Journe Chronometre Souverain Swiss Fine Timing (8 pieces, 40mm, platinum) o Email for pricing • 18:33 F.P. Journe Octa Chronographe Swiss Fine Timing (8 pieces, 40mm, platinum, flyback) o Email for pricing • 23:14 F.P. Journe Elegante 40 Titalyt $24,950 • 05:38 H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept Aventurine 1801-1201 o Email for pricing • 10:11 H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Perpetual Calendar Funky Blue Titanium Black DLC 1341-0505 o Email for pricing • 08:20 H. Moser & Cie Venturer Concept Vantablack Hands XL 2327-1213 o Email for pricing • 21:24 HYT H0 048-TT-91-BF-RU Silver Dial / Blue Liquid o Email for pricing • 20:35 HYT H0 048-DL-90-GF-RU Black Dial / Green Liquid o Email for pricing • 14:11 Omega Seamaster 300 Trilogy (CK2913 tribute, 557 pieces, matched serial numbers) o 60th anniversary 311. $23,950 as a set of three • 13:40 Omega Railmaster Trilogy (CK2914 tribute, 557 pieces, matched serial numbers) o 60th anniversary $23,950 as a set of three • 13:50 Omega Speedmaster Trilogy (CK2915 tribute, 557 pieces, matched serial numbers) o 60th anniversary $23,950 as a set of three • 25:41 Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Blue Side of The Moon Aventurine $10,950 o Blue Side of The Moon Aventurine reference 304. • 28:38 Patek Philippe 5070R-001 Chronograph (rose gold) $62,950 • 03:46 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date 124060 (2020 Rolex Submariner) $13,350 • 02:23 Rolex Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II 116710LN $13,450 • 00:36 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona 16520 (Zenith Daytona, black dial) $31,950 Please subscribe to our channel for the best luxury watch reviews on YouTube: Visit our website at for the latest pre-owned luxury watch arrivals and industry-leading value in previously loved luxury timepieces.