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The State of Watch Collecting with a Boomer and Gen Z | Market Wrap

Welcome to the 50th episode of Market Wrap! We began this weekly ritual before ‘social distancing’ entered our daily vernacular, and this show has since become an integral part of WatchBox’s video line up, keeping us connected throughout a wild year. Together we’ve explored what’s been driving the global watch market and capturing the minds of collectors, and we’ve also touched upon some of Mike’s other interests…namely the Giants. Thank you for joining us week after week. To mark this milestone episode, we bring you not one, but two Manjos men. Today, Mike and his son Mitchell are reporting in from WatchBox’s global headquarters in Philly, discussing the role watches play in modern pop culture and throughout the generations of their family. And we now know where to look if any of Mike’s watches happen to be missing… True to form, we kick off our 50th episode of Market Wrap with three notable watches that hit the trading floor this week. First up is an Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” Apollo 8, followed by a Breitling Heritage ’57 Rainbow, and a steel and gold Rolex GMT with a Serti dial. Tune in for the perspectives of our favorite 20-year-old intern, including which Patek Philippe is his grail watch, and share your grail with us in the comments below. In closing, Mike highlights several models WatchBox is looking to acquire for inventory, including the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph, the classic Rolex Submariner Date 16610, and the F.P. Journe Chronometre Bleu. Contact one of our client advisors [] to talk about the process of selling your watch to WatchBox – whether you have one of these models or another timepiece you wish to sell or trade. Watch SKUs: Breitling Heritage ’57 Rainbow - 4406245 Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” - 4406195 Rolex GMT - 4405437 00:00 Introduction 00:38 Omega Speedmaster “Dark Side of the Moon” 01:03 Breitling Heritage ’57 Rainbow 01:40 Rolex GMT 02:20 Experiences of a Young Watch Collector 09:52 What We're Buying Please Subscribe: View hundreds of hands-on luxury watch reviews at our WatchBox Reviews channel: Instagram: BUY WATCHES HERE: