Watch Education

Learn the ins and outs of all watches. Starting with the most basic education about watch parts, and moving you into detailed descriptions of how watches work.

Ultimate In-House Movements of 2016

It really has been a fun year in the world of watchmaking, and as the landscape continues to change in terms of movement supply, we continue to see changes....
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Understanding Constant Force Escapements

Constant force escapements are designed to maintain a consistent level of mainspring force at the point of impulse between the escapement and the balance....
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Bezel Reading 101

When you own a complicated watch that features different scales and functions around the bezel, knowing what they are and how they work is essential. ...
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Video: What Makes a Modern Rolex?

Tim and Josh are back for their latest video. This week, looking at what makes a modern Rolex a Rolex! ...
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Avoid Fall Fails: Water Resistance

Water intrusion is the greatest single hazard faced by luxury watch owners, induces the most expensive variety of damage to correct. ...
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Chronometry Explained, Volume One: The Swiss COSC Certificate

Within the self-contained world of mechanical chronometry, two standards dictate terms: ISO 3159 and COSC....
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GMT vs Dual Time Watches

When shopping for a dual-time or GMT watch, consider the variations that are possible. First, not all GMT watches are true dual-time machines...
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