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Established nearly 100 years ago, Govberg Jewelers has undeniably evolved and expanded since its founding years; yet consistent over the last century has been the culture of innovation and pulse of the marketplace. Published last week on was an insightful article by industry expert Roberta Naas, celebrating Govberg Jewelers’ nuanced approach to luxury retail for the modern consumer. Read Govberg Jewelers: How a 100-Year-Old Retail Watch Store Reinvents Itself with Online Technology, App and explore the world of Govberg Jewelers in-store, online or at your fingertips using the addictive app Govberg OnTime: iOS or Android.

As do successful start-ups, Govberg regularly evaluates the evolving habits of today’s consumer – in our case, the watch enthusiast – merging noted insight with a deep understanding of the watch industry, the ever-changing conditions of the economy and the power of technology. This formula has enabled Govberg Jewelers to develop into one of the nation’s leaders in the watch category, but never far from thought are the company’s roots as a Philadelphia-based family business.

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In fact, Govberg Jewelers has rediscovered a chapter in its dynamic history. In 1922, Albert Govberg, grandfather of President & CEO Danny Govberg, opened the doors to Govberg Jewelers on Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row, a date long regarded as the company founding. It was actually in 1916 that brothers Albert and Samuel Govberg first welcomed Philadelphians through the doors of Govberg Brothers, their intimate jewelry store on South Street. Samuel enlisted in the Army in 1917, and just a few years later, Albert relocated the company to its early home on Jeweler’s Row, setting in motion the course of events that bring us to today.

Read about us on Forbes: Govberg Jewelers: How a 100-Year-Old Retail Watch Store Reinvents Itself with Online Technology, App

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