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Govberg Jewelers is celebrating 100 years of being a family owned business in 2016, and we’re diving into what sets the company apart from other jewelers and watch stores. Sit down with Brian Govberg, who represents the 4th generation Govberg, and George Mayer, the Director of the Concierge Department.

In the last 100 years, Govberg Jewelers has been growing to match the evolving needs of a consumer. The concierge department was designed to assist watch enthusiasts around the world who are unable to travel into a store. The team has been made up of watch enthusiasts who love to talk watches and expand their knowledge of different brands.

Go behind the scenes with our concierge department and and explore the watch world of Govberg Jewelers in-store, online or by using the addictive app, Govberg OnTime.

Can’t watch the video? No problem, read about everything below!

Brian Govberg

My name is Brian Govberg and I represent the 4th generation here at Govberg Jewelers. I’d like to give you a small glimpse into what we do and just how dynamic we are as an authorized retailer. With customers more educated than ever, Govberg Jewelers sets itself apart from other authorized dealers by being an authorized dealer of over 50 watch brands while also having one of the largest pre-owned inventories in the countries.

Additionally, we’re one of the few authorized dealers that can accept pre-owneds and we do so from all over the country. We accomplish this through the use of our Android and iOS app, Govberg OnTime, as well as through our website.

We have the most highly trained sales staff in the industry. Not only are they fully educated by the manufactures of the 50 brands that we carry, but they have an in-depth knowledge of the secondary market.

Whether you are looking for insight into the Vacheron Constantin Chronograph you’re looking to purchase, or you need some help on that Omega Seamaster you no longer wear and want to trade in, we’re able to assist.

All the customer really wants is to speak to a highly trained sales associate who has access to the watch they are looking for. This is exactly what our concierge department was built for.

When you call, email or live chat our team, you’ll be immediately connected to one of our experts who will be able to assist you in buying, selling or trading your watch.

I’d like to welcome George Mayer, the Director of our Concierge Department. Could you please describe your role as the Director of Concierge?

George Mayer

In the concierge department we do four things:

  • Sell New Watches
  • Take Trade-Ins
  • Sell Pre-Owned Watches
  • Buy Pre-Owned Watches


We are different from other authorized dealers through the use of the concierge approach to serve our customers. Whether you want to come into one of our many boutiques, or you want to shop from the comfort of your own home or office, we are able to assist you with all your needs.


Our goal in the concierge department is when watch collectors from all around the country, or world, call into us, we want them to get the best service possible and speak with a highly trained and knowledgeable sales associate.


100 years of experience and trendsetting has made Govberg Jewelers the premier luxury destination. We look forward to assisting in your watch collecting.

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Newbie to watches but a quick learner. She loves the history of watches and loves learning how they work. She prefers Rolex and Omega watches but is learning the history behind other brands. Her watches of choice right now are her vintage Omega Ladymatic that is a mere 19mm and her newest addition, a 1973 Rolex Oyster with a navy dial. While she enjoys the look of vintage watches, she is excited to learn about new models and build her collection.

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