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Govberg OnTime Apple Watch Preview Home Screen

Using The Govberg OnTime App On Your Wrist

As the best app for luxury watch enthusiasts, it only makes sense that we would be the first watch app available for the Apple Watch!  The Govberg OnTime app is now available right on your wrist, making it easy to read the latest articles and shop our pre-owned inventory. You will also receive notifications on the watch if you have them enabled.

Download The App

Getting the app on your Apple Watch is only 5 quick and easy steps:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  2. Click the Search tab, found at the bottom
  3. Search for and select Govberg OnTime
  4. On the individual app page, select Get
  5. When the app has downloaded, select the Govberg OnTime logo from the Apple Watch home screen and enjoy!

Reading Articles

Scroll through the recently published article headlines and select one that you would like to read.  The article is available to read right on the Apple Watch.  The articles are available to read in plain text only, making it easy to read the entire article quickly on your wrist. You can use Handoff to continue reading the article on your phone.

Reading an Article on the Apple Watch App

Shopping Pre Owned Watches

Shopping has never been easier.  Open the pre-owned menu and you will be able to shop the entire pre-owned inventory sorted by recently added pieces, brand or by price. To continue with your pre-owned search you can also use Handoff to open that screen on the app on your phone.

Shopping PreOwned Watches on Apple Watch

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