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Graduation is a big milestone in one’s life and gifts should mark the occasion appropriately.  Grads will remember the day for the rest of their life so it makes sense to give a gift that will last a lifetime.  This is also a great time to pass down a family watch or heirloom piece of jewelry, making it a sentimental moment to be cherished.

Congrats to our Grads!

The Gift Of Time

Watches can be with someone wherever they go and worn in any situation.  Investing in a good watch is important, this way your grad won’t have to worry about replacing it after only a few years.  Popular Graduation brands include Omega, Tag Heuer and Cartier in addition to many more.  Govberg is an authorized retailer for over 40 brands and sells new as well as pre-owned watches.


The watches James Bond wears, what more would your grad want to wear on their wrist?  From men’s to women’s, Omega offers a classic design and have even traveled to the moon and back.  They are worn by legends such as George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, and golfer Rory McIlroy making them the perfect accessory for your graduate.  From the classic Ladymatic watches, which have recently gone through a revamp, to the sporty Speedmaster collection there is a watch for every occasion.

Tag Heuer Calibre 6_7

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is another brand with a long history of producing great watches perfect for any graduate.  They offer sporty Formula 1 collections, aquatic inspired collections and classic yet modern collections.  If you’re looking for a more high-tech watch, Tag Heuer announced their version of a smart watch is due out at the end of 2015, in partnership with Google and Intel.  Tag Heuer is a brand that has made many changes over their lifetime  to stay current and reaching younger audiences.


Another brand offering great watches suitable for your graduate is Cartier.  They are a leading French luxury brand with a long history of producing Swiss watches (and jewelry) for women and men.  They offer unique collections in more classic designs from their Tank collection to Ballon Bleu collection.  Cartier has also started making mechanical movements in addition to quartz watches expanding their collections further.

CART101928_7Graduation Wrap-Up

A nice watch also has the ability to set your graduate apart from other people when they are interviewing for jobs.  The Harvard Business Review recently wrote about employers’ reactions to the brands people wear in an interview.  While this article relates to clothing, it naturally carries over to the brands people wear on their wrist.

No matter the gift you end up choosing, your graduate is sure to remember their special day.  Whether you’re looking for a gift for high school, college, graduate school or beyond, your gift will be unforgettable.   Celebrate their graduation with a gift they will have forever and can even pass down to future graduates.  Nothing says “You made it!” like a new watch or timeless piece of jewelry.

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