Watch and Brand News Hodinkee and Watchville Joining Forces

Announced this morning on Hodinkee, was the merge with Watchville to bring watch news to the next level.

Who Are They?

Kevin Rose and Ben Clymer

Kevin Rose & Watchville

Kevin Rose is one of four who formed the news aggregator website, Digg back in 2004 in California.  After leaving the company and founding the mobile applications company Milk, Rose eventually ended up at Google Ventures.  In 2014, Rose built the Watchville App, a watch news app pulling the top stories from watch blogs.  He built the app after inheriting a luxury watch when his father passed away.  This led to him diving into the watch community and forums and eventually his app.  If you’re a watch enthusiast, you probably already have the app or visit their website.

Ben Clymer & Hodinkee

Hodinkee was launched in 2008 by Ben Clymer and began as a hobby for a mechanical watch lover.  Since then, it has grown to be a fan site for all sorts of watch collectors and watch lovers.  Even celebrities like John Mayer and Jay-Z reach to Clymer to either contribute watch posts or for advice on new watches.  Clymer drew readers in with his stunts and watch reviews.   As the company grew, he was able to quit his full time job and hire two associates.  The watch industry began to take notice of the site and Clymer was selected to be on the jury of the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve.

The Merge

It makes sense that two companies like Watchville and Hodinkee are joining forces.  As technology is expanding and more companies are releasing apps, like Govberg OnTime.  Kevin Rose, and the Watchville team, is moving to New York to become Hodinkee’s full-time CEO, allowing Ben Clymer to write more and think of new projects for watch lovers.  Watchville and Hodinkee will continue to exist and grow as stand-alone entities under the same roof, Hodinkee, Inc.  They have raised $3.6 million from True Ventures, Google Ventures and even John Mayer, among others.  This will allow them to expand upon their editorial team and publish more content.   The merger should attract more watch lovers to using apps on a regular basis and be a resource for both modern and vintage watch lovers.

While most of their plans are still under-wraps, Rose has said that he will be drawing upon his experience from building online communities and look at 10 inefficient models of used and vintage watch sales online.   If you’re like us, you’re probably very excited to see what they have hiding up their sleeves and where this can take watches and technology.

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