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As you already, hopefully know, we are an authorized dealer of over 40 luxury brands of watches and have an extensive collection of about 500 pre-owned watches.  What you may not know, is that Govberg Jewelers started as a jewelry store in 1916 and only introduced watches in the 1980s by Danny Govberg, the third generation owner.

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Contents of Jewelery CatalogHoliday Jewelry

This exquisite catalog features select pieces from nine different categories and is only a taste of the beautiful jewelry we carry. Our highly trained concierge and sales team can answer questions about any of the pieces and brands. Each of these pieces are classically designed, making them timeless.


Understanding the characteristics of a diamond is both straightforward and simple. They are rated on the cut, carat, color and clarity.  The cut of the diamond determines how it will reflect and refract light. The carat (ct.) refers to the unique weight of gems and diamonds.  The clarity refers to a variety of internal characteristics, inclusions, and external characteristics, blemishes.  White diamonds are also rated by color and sometimes they can contain a yellow tint. Color for white diamonds is rated D-Z, and those faint-light colors is easily detected by the naked eye.

You’ll find only the best dazzling necklaces with matching earrings, drop pendants, earrings and rings.  We’ve laid out an entire page full of diamond tennis bracelets and necklaces in addition to a collection of diamond hoop earrings.  To round out our diamond feature, you’ll see a collection of stunning diamond eternity band rings.

Yellow Diamonds

These fancy colored diamonds, in any color, are considered to be rare.  Yellow diamonds are rated slightly different than a white diamond and can be found in varying tones.

Yellow Diamonds for Sale

Our collection of yellow diamonds is equally as remarkable. Platinum and gold necklaces and earrings are completed by beautiful yellow diamonds in various styles.   The collection is completed with a selection of yellow diamond rings in varying cuts and carats.


Sapphires were some of the very first gems to be cut and polished.  These gems are highly valued, and royal blue is especially sought after.  sapphires are very durable and ideal for everyday wear; sapphires are rated 9 on the hardness scale and found first after diamonds.

Incredible sapphires are found next in the catalog.  Platinum, diamond and sapphires are combined to make extraordinary chandelier earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.


As the birthstone for July, rubies come in varying shades of red from different amounts of minerals in the forming process.  Rubies are also quite precious and sought after.  The deep red color is associated with love, passion ans power.

In our collection of rubies, there are art deco inspired bracelets and necklaces paired with stunning rings and earrings. Each piece is combined with diamonds to make each ruby sparkle and dazzle.


You’ll be seeing green with these enchanting emeralds.  The color itself symbolizes rebirth and renewal found in spring. Different elements also effect the range of green found in emeralds. Emeralds are gems of royalty, romance and intrigue.

Emerald Rings and necklace

Exquisite emerald rings begin this collection.  You’ll also find platinum emerald and diamond drop earrings and pendant style necklaces.  There is also an emerald pin and bangle set, with each set in 18k yellow gold.


Tahitian pearls are black pearls, form the black lip oyster.  They are primarily found around Tahiti, which is where they get their name.  These dark pearls are some of the most highly sought after pearls.  The golden pearls come from gold-lipped oysters and are meant to bring wealth to the wearer.

Tahitian pearls are complemented by golden pearls, each with a necklace and pair of earrings.


Our semi-precious collection features multi-colored sapphires and various other semi-precious stones in beautiful tones. There is a collection of retro and art deco inspired aquamarine rings, each set in their own style.

Pavé Diamonds

Pavé (Pa-Vay) is a tight grouping of the same size stones on a surface of jewelry.  It creates a sparkling surface and requires a great skill and expertise, paired with patience, to create the final masterpiece.  No matter how the piece is turned, it catches and sparkles in the light.

Pave Diamond Jewelery

The Pavé diamonds collection contains, rings, drop earrings, bangles and a necklace.


Estate jewelry spans all eras from antique to vintage.  These pieces are previously owned and are typically acquired from estates or auctions.  Antique typically refers to over 100 years old while vintage can mean decades or eras.

Our estate collection contains pieces of phenomenal jewelry that are classic and timeless. There is an assortment of pins, art deco bracelets, rings and earrings in emeralds, diamonds, and sapphires.

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