Watch and Brand News Ressence E-Crown Type 2 Concept Watch SIHH 2018

Ressence is continuing to create unique watches with new technologies. For SIHH 2018, the manufacture has released the Type 2 E-Crown Concept. This blends the innovative watches with the current tech-crazed world.

Type 2 E-Crown

The brand has taken a staple in watchmaking design and re-configured and engineered it. We’re talking about the crown, originally invented in 1842 by Adrien Philippe, allowing a watch to be wound rather than set with a key. It took 176 years for a brand to re-design this concept, and in 2018 Ressence released their e-Crown technology, a concept developed and engineered in house.

Electro-Mechanical System in Watchmaking

The E-crown is an embedded system interfacing the mechanical base movement with the in-house ROCS module. It is uniquely designed to never interfere with the gear train from the barrel to the hands. The traditional crown is completely replaced with this new development. The E-Crown itself is composed of 87 components, a miniaturized electro-mechanical system. Each piece needs to be extremely small and low-power consuming.

Thanks to the unique design and components, this system only needs 1.8 joules of energy per day.

Touch Controlled Watch

Ressence creates the ultimate user convenience with its E-Crown. The system is activated and controlled by tapping the glass of your watch, offering a new experience than traditional mechanical watches.

The time itself is set manually via the caseback lever, similar to other Ressence models. This time then becomes the reference time for future monitoring, automatic setting and adjustments. The watch self-regulates at least once per day, as indicated by the graphical hands on the dial. The disc positions will then be adjusted automatically, if needed and as long as the movement is running.

When the watch isn’t on the wrist, the movement stops. The E-Crown puts itself into sleep mode and will wake up when back on the wrist. Don’t worry though, the E-Crown will also then automatically set the mechanical watch to the right time, based on the registered time.

Thanks to the uniqueness of the watch, the E-Crown technology also allows the wearer to set and register multiple timezones.

Additional Technology in the Type 2 E-Crown

The watch first uses kinetic energy to run. The kinetic generator transforms the natural wrist movement into energy. If needed photovoltaic energy will be used as well. When required, the triple junction photovoltaic cells (hidden behind 10 micro-shutters on the dial) will use the outside light as an energy source.

If wanted, the E-Crown can also be turned off, or on, without affecting the watch.

Using bluetooth, the E-Crown connects to the E-Crown app to reach another lever of convenience and moderntiy. This app shows a list of cities and enables a multiple time zone setting which is accurate to the second.

  • 45mm case size
  • Titanium dial
  • Super-LumiNova Index
  • Grey nylon strap
  • Concept Movement with ROCS and E-Crown
  • Hours, minutes, seconds,  mode selector an E-Crown setting functions
  • Automatic winding

This is currently a concept watch and is in production. Pricing is yet to be determined and will debut in Late Summer 2018.

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